Katie Miller

The most widespread delusions about our world

The knowledge about the world surrounding us is not so important for our daily routine and the tasks of the majority of jobs. Undeniably, some professions require really deep knowledge, but it happens not so frequently, especially considering all the possible vacancies existing in the world. Unfortunately, this leads to many delusions about the world. […]Read More

These widespread opinions about dinosaurs are not true

You will hardly find a person who doesn’t know what dinosaurs are. Yet, in the reality, the majority of us has only a vague idea about these legendary animals and the majority of information we know about these ancient giants comes from popular films and books such as, for example, Jurassic Park. Needless to say, […]Read More

Even more popular myths about space debunked

If you are interested in astronomy and everything connected to this topic, you might have already read our previous article about the myths about space debunked. Needless to say, space is still mysterious and it looks like the more we are learning about it, the more false beliefs we are creating around it. Undeniably, the […]Read More

Scientifically approved reasons to have a dog at home

Dogs are regarded as the best friends of a human and this popular belief is undeniably well-grounded. We all know amazing stories about the loyalty and affection of these creatures who are always ready to save us and support even in the most life-threatening situations. Yet, it turned out, that dogs can give us even […]Read More

Popular myths about nonverbal communication

It’s not a surprise to anyone that nonverbal language can tell us a lot about another person. Sometimes one can easily deceive us with his or her words, but a single glance at this person is enough to understand the one is hiding something from us. Not only the gestures but also the tone of […]Read More

The reasons to wake up early proved by science

People, for whom being an early bird, usually do not experience any problems with their day plan unless their work demands staying up late from them. Unfortunately, it is not so simple for nigh owls since the majority of them still have to wake up early and start their day before the afternoon. For that […]Read More

Examples of the ways in which our brain distorts the

We are used to rely on our brain as on the most complex computer that have ever been present on earth, however, it is not ideal at all. The ways in which the human brain is processing the information about the world sometimes leads to absolutely unexpected conclusions which actually create our own vision of […]Read More

The real implications of living forever

Many of us would like to live longer than the normal lifespan the nature has earmarked for human beings if not forever. Some people are not thus interested in the infinite life, but they definitely would like to preserve their youth for as long as possible. Needless to say, millions of scientists all around the […]Read More

Popular myths about space in which you shouldn’t believe

Each of us has some basic idea about space. Yet, although astronauts are making more and more discoveries about our Universe, there are still many myths about cosmos. There is nothing strange in it since we can’t ourselves experience many things related to space. In this article, we are not going to make any sensational […]Read More