A starter guide to sharpening your drumming skills

Have you always had the flame of playing drums burning within you to some degree? Is it that you do not know where to start or how to start?

Of course, one more reason why you might have never played drums despite the fact you would like to is the fact drum kits are also expensive and loud. If you are living somewhere where such a loud noise may lead to cops coming over your house to meet and greet leaving you with warnings, there is nothings strange you have resigned from the idea of playing drums.

Still, there are ways to start practising drums and, all of this considered, you are in the right place and this is exactly where you needed to be.

Drumming for everyone

For lot of us, the things mentioned above or one of those few and typically top concerns of a newbie drummer. If you are someone who can afford a kit or drum kit to be precise, and you can bang that thing as much as you want without having to go through various interruption while playing from neighbours or cold cops, or your family, you just get them sticks and get started. And, for those who cannot afford a drum kit, do not worry, drumming can still be practiced, virtually on anything. In fact, without a pair of drum sticks. Yeah? I know, it may sounds all rubbish or does not make any sense. Hang on and let me show you few ways you can start practicing drumming.

Practicing drumming without a drum kit or sticks

First of all, you can still start learning how to drum even without anything, not even sticks. What you can do is to start by simply tapping your feet and hand and get familiar with the motion and rhythm. Doing this will, get your mind and body absolutely in a ready state soon to deliver what you have within thorough your hands and feet. Great! As a matter of timing, you can do this while simply tapping your hands and feet between taking your first dump and waiting for the residual in case.

Get your first drum sticks

Next thing would be buying just a pair of sticks and a little rubber top for the head of the stick. This one is essential to get the proper bounce which might not be possible without a real drum kit. Lot of hands movement relies on proper bouncing of the stick.

Now if you got them, you can set some books to your left and right to simulate heights and a snare. Nothing for the kicks other than your feet is needed at this point. Once you are ready, it is time to start your first lessons.

Where can you find lessons for learning to drum?

You can go through various courses online or the ones offered in real time. Certainly, getting a good mentor can teach you lot of cool stuff. There are people who mentor online without having to drive to their place, so you can easily find an option suitable for your particular situation.

There is also good YouTube content out there as well which can be used absolutely free of charge.

One of the great channels I have come across and especially really great ones for the beginners is a YouTube channel which is called Drummingwithoutdrums. The name might seem too difficult to comprehend, however, it really goes without any spaces, but you can find it with spaces as well. What is so good about this channel is that the person who is creating the content will show you the tricks in the simplest form possible that just gets you started with whatever you have for drumming.

The things you will need to learn at the beginning

One of the few things you want to get right under your belt is the time signature, velocity, rhythm, division as well and once, you get to know them, it is the time to keep practicing until it becomes your second nature. You will often see many drummers who seem to be constantly in groove playing something in the air or whatever they got virtually anywhere. This is because once you get started, it will become your second nature without even having to play on drum kits. Yet, when you will do, you will turn and capture some heads. Some heads will come rolling to you and your groove.

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  1. I am self-taught and it took me a few months to learn the basics of drumming. the most important thing is to love the drums

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