Diets which are not working

Millions of people around the world are trying to get rid of excessive weight which in some cases can be a rather challenging task. There is nothing strange many individuals still hope it is possible to find some magic solutions which will allow them rapidly get rid of body mass. While some products widely promoted by marketing campaigns are simply not working, there are also many diets which can actually help to reduce the body mass. Unfortunately, it is done in a highly unnatural way which is dangerous for one’s health while the effects of such diets are not long-lasting and can actually turn out to be opposite in the long run.

Detoxifying diets

The major problem concerning detoxifying diets is the fact, they are usually used by people who are either healthy or are trying to get rid of some health issues which can actually be successfully treated with the help of professional physicians. In the first case, individuals might not just waste money and time on unnecessary dishes and expensive detoxifying products, but also develop some health problems. This is not always the case, but there are detoxifying diets which are especially based on mono diets or liquid diets which can lead to gastritis, ulcers, constipation or diabetes.

The people who already have some health issues should reach out professional hep as in many situation it is crucial to know the exact cause of the problem which will actually help to get rid of it.

Mono diets

Some nutritionists are calling mono diets which is unfortunately far from the truth. While there is a whole variety of mono diets designed for weight loss, there are also mono diets earmarked for regular nutrition.

If you have at least some basic understanding of nutrition, you certainly know why the first option is a very bad idea. Mono diets for weight loss are based on a severe calorie deficiency which is also accompanied by a serious deficiency of nutritional substances so it can easily cause lack of vitamins in your body. The effects of such diets are rather unstable as one is prone to getting a lot more calories back than one has lost after such diets.

At the same time, even if a mono diet has been chosen for the sake of a regular nutrition plan and it is not featured by a reduced amount of calories, it is still a rather bad idea to use such a nutritional plan. The problem is there is no ideal products including all of the necessary nutritional substances. Many people believe such substances are fibre and vitamins, however, products have much more than just these substances. There is whole variety of crucial chemical compounds available especially in plants which are necessary for health and they are not produced artificially. Even if you find them extracted from natural sources and sold as food supplements, their potency and ability for being absorbed is usually weaker because the work of such chemicals heavily relies on all other substances present in a particular plant.

You can get such a variety of useful substances only under a condition of eating an entire edible part of the plant rather than just a single substance available in the pills. Even fruit juices are less beneficial for health than entire fruits for the same reason.

Finally, it is important to understand that even the healthiest mono diets can affect metabolism. Actually, stones produced by kidneys or other parts of the body are one of the results of not having a diverse diet.