Into the heart of a modular synthesiser

Modular synthesisers is a separate type of electronic musical instruments that differs from other types of synthesisers such as, for instance, analogue ones. If you are interested in learning what is making these synthesisers so special, this article will let you to look at the core of the processes going beyond the work of modular synthesisers.

Modular synthesis

Modular synthesis is a kind of sound synthesis which requires from you to generate sound and forge, bend the sound you desire by the means of connecting various other loose components together. This kind of connection is done by the means of patch cables or push pins if the medium which is a matrix board rather than ports.  This is what commonly called a ‘Patch system’ in the synth-head zone.

The components that come in are not fixated and you can change or upgrade them to new ones or the ones that meet your needs. This could be any kind of components that is an analogue synthesiser component, digital synthesiser component or a hybrid one. In the modern times, you can virtually find a way more astounding and complex components than the ones which were available to musicians during the hay-days of modular synthesisers. For instance, during the days of Moog or Buchla modular systems. With a good networking and connections, with friends that have turned into synth heads as well, you are able to customize your own modular synthesiser in an absolutely unique way.

Notes on synthesisers

This kind of flexibility makes a modular synthesiser tremendously powerful since there is no fixed components like ones of those keyboard synthesisers. Just in case, one thing should be cleared here, as mentioning keyboard synthesisers and the sound resembling modular synthesisers which do not have keyboards refers to the keyboard synthesisers with a built-in keyboard featured by built-in components. With a modular synthesiser, you may have to buy a separate midi keyboard or the one that musical brands provide like the keyboards of Moog Modular System.

It is also worth noting that the term “modular synthesis” is nothing crazy different than the other categories of synthesisers. These modular synthesisers are more like form factors than the term “modular synthesis”, just like the computer motherboard is divided into form factor.