Katie Miller

Is intuitive eating suitable for you?

Intuitive eating is a dietary approach that is becoming more and more popular nowadays especially among the people who have tried absolutely different diets and failed to achieve the desired results. The idea of intuitive eating seems to be highly alluring with allowing you to eat whatever you want wherever you need. Still, it is […]Read More

The factors that prevent people from losing weight

In the majority of cases, losing weight is not an easy task. For some people it even works in an opposite way – the more they are trying to get rid of their excessive weight, the more weight they are putting on. Usually, the culprits of many failures to lose weight are various psychological issues. […]Read More

How one can increase emotional intelligence

If you have had a chance to read on of our articles on the topic of emotional intelligence, you should have already learnt how important it is for the relationship with other people. Even if you have found that your own emotional intelligence is rather low, there are still many possibilities to increase it. That […]Read More

The symptoms of low emotional intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” was adopted by people not so long ago. For that reason, the majority of us are still not aware of it meaning and, what is more important, of its significance. It turns out, that emotional intelligence is a highly crucial ability which can help people a lot in their private and […]Read More

Is ambidexterity a sign of a genius?

Ambidexterity is a rather complicated term which is not used often. This possibly can be the result of the occurrence of the cases of ambidexterity in the world where right-handed people are prevailing. Actually, according to statistics, nearly 90% of the population of the earth are right-handed people while approximately 9% of population are left-handed […]Read More

Amusing facts about the Medieval period you might not know

It is rather difficult to imagine the lifestyle of the people living in the Middle Ages in Europe. The majority of people associate the European Medieval period with a lifestyle full of dirt, illnesses and ignorance. This popular belief is even strengthened by the images created by the directors of historical or fantasy films. Still, […]Read More

Widespread stereotypes about mental health

Unfortunately, we tend to avoid the discussion of mental health. Some diseases seem to be especially scary and, undeniably, psychiatric conditions and psychological disorders seem to be especially terrifying. No matter how much we are eager to talk about this topic, mental problems are actually extremely widespread. For example, according to the estimations of the […]Read More

Popular stereotypes about animals

Needless to say, people have stereotypes not only about other people, but also about many species of animals. Some of them are based on our observations, others have evolved from pseudoscientific facts which are actually totally ungrounded. Let’s look at the some popular stereotypes about animals together and check the real facts! The strongest animal […]Read More

Are these animals really dangerous for people?

No matter how well-armed people are, they can’t protect themselves against the dangers of the wild life which hides lots of hungry predators. The fear of such creatures as violent sharks or mammoth whales have led to the creation of various myths about these animals. Undeniably, it is sensible to know which species can actually […]Read More

Amazing facts about birds that you might not know

Birds are absolutely fantastic creatures since they are very rare residents of our planet who can fly. Of course, this is not the only one interesting fact about them. We have collected some of the curious facts about birds which you might not know or, in all likelihood, you might believe in some popular myths […]Read More