Remote desktop solution

One of the most fascinating things of the evolution of networking is how you can share your data over network. This is incredibly convenient from large corporation to small business to home. Still, not only shared resources and printers are shared over a network but also, you can be transported or transferred somewhere.

Is teleportation came true though? Not really but almost. The thing we are talking about here is how you can deal with computers that is on the other part of the world and operate that computer from the comfort of your home or office.

What is the remote desktop technology?

The need for this solution arose in the tech field and was addressed as well. This is called Remote Desktop. Lot of applications out there who gives you this privilege. you may find the name of the programs confusing since remote desktop is more of a generic term. You will find this program built-in in operating systems like Windows and macOS. In both of these operating system, this program is called Remote desktop. Although, Microsoft calls it Remote Desktop Connection in all recent version of windows. But this did not snatch third party developers dip. There are plenty of third-party remote desktop application out there.

Application protocols

There are hundreds of application protocols out there. Which serves some specific purpose and help accomplish some specific task. Two of them are Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). There is TightVNC, for instance, which is cross-platform. Meaning, you are able to run and control a Windows system from the macOS and so on. But all of the terminal emulation programs require you to setup separate server and client.

Remote desktop on Windows

Windows system offers alternative to VNC which is Remote Desktop Connection. With remote desktop connection you are fully able to control a remote server with complete graphical interface. You turn your desktop into the server desktop. You have also your command for remote desktop which you can run from your command line. The command is mstsc and hit enter.

It would be cool if you could simply just get into your clients or someone who need some assistance and rather you driving all the way to this person, you just use some program which would allow you address the issue without physically being there. This is exactly what the Windows Remote Assistance Provides. Remote assistance gives you the ability to fully take control over a machine from any distance. With this privilege you could do anything on this machine that you could do from physically being there, other than throwing the system out of the window for enraging moments. You could troubleshoot hardware configuration, driver issues. You are able to install, roll back drivers, download new ones and so on, so forth.

Yet, in order to all of this taking place, you need approval of the client. Without the client approving you, you simply could not do any of these. Also, the client can absolutely see what you are doing as well and are in position to stop you in any case. You could absolutely walk through some instruction or something to help someone with something.