Remote desktop technology: Windows and macOS

If you are interested in using the remote desktop solution on your computer, you should know the possibilities of your system to support this solution. This article will tell you more about the ways the technology is working on Mac and Windows.

How is remote desktop technology working on Windows?

Microsoft provides free Remote desktop application. Which ever application you use, make sure both of you have the client and server program in the system. Without them this would futile. The server takes care of the system you will be using to access the remote computer and the client takes care of allowing and operating from remote desktop. With all of the third party programs out there, both of the server and client side is integrated into one solution.

Everything you need to know about remote desktop technology on macOS

Now as for the Mr. Apple, they sell a Remote Desktop product on the market generally to business customers which includes remote assistance features. macOS also has a modest screen sharing built-in their operating system. This built-in functionality, which needs to be enables in the system preferences, is suitable for light works like, general remote access, collaboration and light troubleshooting.

In Windows system, you are able to turn Remote assitance and Remote Desktop on and off and tweak settings. Go to the system applet in the Control Panel and hit the Remote settings link from the left or simply type in the search bar, ‘remote settings’ and hit the Remote Desktop settings. There you will find the toggle switch to enable/ disable remote desktop connection.

One of the handy and quickest way is using the built-in Quick Assist. This is quite useful for lightweight works like collaboration, teaching someone and various of other applications. This is incredibly powerful for modern Windows System. The way it works is – either you get the help or you assist someone. Those who need the assistance will provide you with a code and all you have to do is hit the ‘Assist someone’ button and enter the code. Go to the search bar again and type in ‘quick assist’ and hit the enter key.

You will be prompted with two option, one ‘Get assistance’ and other ‘Give assistance’. If you need to assist some one, tap the ‘Assist another person’ button, may require you to sign in, then go ahead and you will be given a security code. Send that security code to the other person who need assistance and let them approve you, once the connection is established, you can just watch or take full control over the system and you are good to go.