The symptoms of low emotional intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” was adopted by people not so long ago. For that reason, the majority of us are still not aware of it meaning and, what is more important, of its significance. It turns out, that emotional intelligence is a highly crucial ability which can help people a lot in their private and work life since it is absolutely necessary for building any types of relationship. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand yourself and others, to read the emotions and being able to identify and, as a result, to react in a proper way to your own emotions.

According to the recent studies, people with high emotional intelligence are more successful even that the people with high general intelligence. If you still don’t understand why this quality is so important, check our short list of the symptoms of low emotional intelligence.

Difficulties with assessing one’s own abilities

Some people feel that others don’t understand them especially acutely. They are constantly struggling with negative emotions created by considering other people being especially judging and criticising with them, not seeing any positive sides in them. All of these feelings are popular symptoms of low emotional intelligence.

One of the most popular example of real behaviour of such people is their own fail in assessment of their abilities. For instance, some people enjoy making jokes even though almost no one find them funny. There are also artists whose creations are always too complicated for others for understanding. These are just some illustrations of people with low emotional intelligence which usually doesn’t allow people to understand themselves better. In the reality, it is a serious problem, since people can’t choose an interesting and fulfilling hobby or job which causes even more negative feeling in them.

Too much criticising

At the same time, people with low emotional intelligence tend to criticise others a lot. This is usually caused by their inability to be empathic with others. Note, you shouldn’t mistake empathy with sympathy. Actually, people with low emotional intelligence can experience sympathy which is a feeling of being sorry for the failures or other difficult situations happing to other people. Still, they can have real problems with empathy which is an ability of stepping into one’s shoes.

For that reason, in many cases when the real reasons of someone’s behaviour are not thus obvious, people with low emotional intelligence appear to be rather judgemental and criticising. On top of that, such people are sure that others are too sensitive since they can’t experience their own emotions. For example, they can make jokes of other people in the least appropriate moment, believing this was something needed at that point to show those people the truth. People with low emotional intelligence can easily make others feel even worse instead of supporting them in a difficult situation.

Still, such a behaviour is just a result of the inability of people with low EQ to understand the feelings of others. They are not doing it on purpose, it is just the way they are processing the feelings of others.

Inability to understand the point of view of other people

Undeniably, the one who can’t imagine the feelings of others, won’t be able to accept other opinions of other people as well even if they are true. Thus, people with low emotional intelligence are rather inflexible and stubborn which is especially obvious during arguments.

If you happen to argue with such a person on any topic, even if it is absolutely insignificant, you are risking to be completely drained out by this experience. This person will make you to give a gazillion of proofs of your idea and, in all likelihood, many other people will be included into the argument as well. The entire process will rapidly turn into a real fight.

Blaming others for your mistakes

Low EQ doesn’t allow people to understand their own emotions in the first place. As a result, not only do the people around such a person suffer, but the person suffers herself in the first place. Intens4e emotions, especially negative, confuse such a person a lot which causes even more outburst of negativity.

People with low EQ can’t understand what they are really feeling right now and do not know how to react in a particular situation. Usually, it leads to various unpleasant reactions hurting other people who, as a rule, have nothing to do with it. Yet, the person with low EQ is absolutely sure that these people are to blame for their unpleasant experience. As a result, the person even feels herself offended which is an absolutely ungrounded belief. Doubtlessly, this can spoil any relationship.

Hiding one’s own feeling from others

Finally, people with low EQ have real problems with expressing their emotions and especially the situations cause by their outburst. That is why they tend to hide these emotions from others. Again, this inability to express one’s own feelings doesn’t allow them to understand the feelings of others which interfere with any relationship these people are involved into.