Other ways of using cleaning products for dishes

Modern market is overfilled with chemical products dedicated to various parts of your house and particular objects. On the one hand, it might seem to be convenient to have a particular product for cleaning particular places or things. On the other hand, in many situations you can easily make do without it since many goods have similar ingredients and can be used for many other purposes apart from the usage claimed by their manufacturers.

Of course, using your cleaning products in other ways should be careful and requires some knowledge. If you are interested in using multiple functions of the same product designed for dish washing and save your money and space at home, you will find useful ideas in this article.

Gel for dish washing

Products for manual dish washing will help you to get rid of many problems inside your house without a need of using more potent and harmful for ecology and health products.

Use dish washing products for getting rid of stains on clothes

One of the most amazing ways of using a dish-washing gel is to get rid from stains with its help. Just try rub a small amount of such a product on the surface of a stain and leave it for at least five minutes before washing the garment in a usual way. Dish washing products can be quite effective for this purpose while they are certainly not thus harsh as chlorine based products.

Clean kitchen cabinets and other surfaces with dish-washing products

Dish-washing products can be a good alternative to various specialised products for dealing with stains of fat and food on other surfaces in your house especially when it comes to cabinets, tables, the cooking panel of your cooker and kitchen floor. Unless they are severely stained with old fat that requires harsh products for dissolving such fat, you can easily make do with your regular dish-washing product.

For this purpose you can just add a bit of a dish-washing gel into warm water and wash the surfaces with a cloth soaked in this mixture.

Clean a bathtub

Again, if your bathtub is not severely dirty and you wash it regularly, there is no need to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning it. Much of the dirt collected on its surface is based on fats which can be easily tackled with products designed for washing dishes. For this purpose you can either make a solution of a dish-washing liquid and warm water or just put a bit of the product on directly on a sponge and wash the bath tub.

Other usages for dishwasher tablets

While many people use dishwashing gels for other purposes on a regular basis, using dishwasher tablets in other ways rather than inside a dishwasher might be not thus obvious. Yet, this product can be used in many various ways quite efficiently.

Toilet washing

Actually, dishwasher tabs can help to get rid of various stains in your toilet. In order to do it, you can either put one tablet inside and wait until it dissolves. Wash the toilet as usually afterwards.

Another way is rubbing particular stains directly with a tablet. Of course, for this purpose, you should put protective gloves on first.

Wash food stains

You can use dishwasher tablets in a similar way for washing other surfaces especially the ones inside your kitchen. Dishwasher tabs are also great for washing your fridge. Just make a tablet a bit wet and rub the stains with it. This substance is especially effective if you are dealing with old stains.

Other places covered with fat stains

Dishwasher tablets are particularly potent in the fight with fat stains so they can be more effective than simple liquids for dish washing. You can try them for example for cleaning your oven which is prone to get covered with such stains. Just like in the previous cases, all you need to do is to add a bit of water to your tablet and rub the oven with it.