How is the Internet changing our communication with other people?

Many people are undeniably grateful for the possibility in keeping in touch with others which came with the development of modern technologies. One of the most fascinating things we have today is being able to contact our families and friends who live far away from us. This is particularly crucial for people who have no opportunity to travel regularly which has become the harsh reality for many individuals in the ear of pandemic.

Still, as you can imagine, this is not the only change in our communication patterns we can experience now. There are many other things which are not necessarily positive. Being aware of them will help you to be more satisfied with your social life.

The positive effects of the Internet on interpersonal relations

As it has just been mentioned, one of the greatest benefits of online communication is the fact you can now keep in touch with people with whom you have no opportunity to meet in real time. Certainly, you can easily talk to your family or friends who live in a distant part of the world. You can also make friends with new people from other parts of our planet. In addition to it, the means of online communication are allowing you to maintain relationships with many friends and acquaintances. It might be pretty challenging to meet all of them physically and of there were no opportunity of chatting, you might have already forgotten about each other.

There are more possibilities of meeting new people

With the help of online communication you can easily find people with similar interests no matter how far away you live from each other. It is particularly great for people living in isolated areas where they might either struggle with loneliness or just not being able to meet interesting people. Furthermore, you can even have a chance to communicate with real celebrities. There are actually many individuals among them who answer to various comments to their posts.

What are the negative effects of online communication?

Unfortunately, even the very first positive side of online communication mentioned in this article has its negative side as well. The fact we can easily chat or see each other while talking too video means we do not have to meet with other people physically thus frequently. Let’s say, we now can call our best friend living in another country any time we need. At the same time, we are not desperate to meet this important person like we would have been if we hadn’t have an opportunity to communicate our friend in other ways.

Here are more negative effects of online communication.

The odds of breakups are now stronger

This refers to the users of various social networks in the first place. Various things can go wrong in such a case. Needless to say, one of the most popular problems is the fact that people can easily get jealous seeing their partners liking the photos of other people or commenting them in a particular way. This jealousy sometimes might have no foundation, however, in many situations so called-online flirting can really evolve into an emotional betrayal or a physical one.

Whether a person is just prone to being rather jealous and overreacting or one’s partner is really indulging oneself into online-flirting, it is absolutely obvious there would be no such problems in the world free from social networks.

The breakups are now more difficult

When it comes to the people who are going through a separation, this task is becoming even more challenging when they can keep a track of the lives of their exes on social networks. Checking anything what is going on online, counting the likes, relating to philosophical posts and stalking a new partner of one’s ex is extremely popular. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it makes people suffer after having a breakup even more.

You might get depressed or feel lonely more easily

Unfortunately, scrolling through the posts of other people, the majority of us are tend to feel envious of the happiness and successes of others. Certainly, the effect of dissatisfaction becomes even more intense due to the fact the users of social networks are publishing only the best moments of their lives which are quite often exaggerated. It is becoming even harsher when it comes to the appearance of other people. When you can see millions of users of social networks having an absolutely ideal body and face, you can easily develop severe complexes about your own appearance even there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body even according to the requirements of social networks.

The mere fact any real body will never be thus perfect as the pictures edited with state-of-the-art filters can make anyone unhappy. Unfortunately, many of us have already forgotten the fact there is nothing perfect in the nature and all our imperfections are absolutely normal.