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Is ambidexterity a sign of a genius?

Ambidexterity is a rather complicated term which is not used often. This possibly can be the result of the occurrence of the cases of ambidexterity in the world where right-handed

History Interesting facts

Amusing facts about the Medieval period you might not know

It is rather difficult to imagine the lifestyle of the people living in the Middle Ages in Europe. The majority of people associate the European Medieval period with a lifestyle

Lifestyle Psychiatry

Widespread stereotypes about mental health

Unfortunately, we tend to avoid the discussion of mental health. Some diseases seem to be especially scary and, undeniably, psychiatric conditions and psychological disorders seem to be especially terrifying. No

Animals Health

Scientifically approved reasons to have a dog at home

Dogs are regarded as the best friends of a human and this popular belief is undeniably well-grounded. We all know amazing stories about the loyalty and affection of these creatures

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The reasons to wake up early proved by science

People, for whom being an early bird, usually do not experience any problems with their day plan unless their work demands staying up late from them. Unfortunately, it is not

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Examples of the ways in which our brain distorts the reality

We are used to rely on our brain as on the most complex computer that have ever been present on earth, however, it is not ideal at all. The ways

Breakthroughs Health

The real implications of living forever

Many of us would like to live longer than the normal lifespan the nature has earmarked for human beings if not forever. Some people are not thus interested in the

Health Psychiatry

Bipolar disorder – when mood swings become difficult to handle?

If you are a lucky person who have come across the term bipolar disorder only by watching such TV shows and movies as Rookie Blue, Shameless, General Hospital or AP

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