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Food Health

Is intuitive eating suitable for you?

Intuitive eating is a dietary approach that is becoming more and more popular nowadays especially among the people who have tried absolutely different diets and failed to achieve the desired results. The idea of intuitive eating seems to be highly

Food Health

The factors that prevent people from losing weight

In the majority of cases, losing weight is not an easy task. For some people it even works in an opposite way – the more they are trying to get rid of their excessive weight, the more weight they are

Communication Lifestyle

How one can increase emotional intelligence

If you have had a chance to read on of our articles on the topic of emotional intelligence, you should have already learnt how important it is for the relationship with other people. Even if you have found that your

Health Interesting facts

Is ambidexterity a sign of a genius?

Ambidexterity is a rather complicated term which is not used often. This possibly can be the result of the occurrence of the cases of ambidexterity in the world where right-handed people are prevailing. Actually, according to statistics, nearly 90% of