Examples of the ways in which our brain distorts the

We are used to rely on our brain as on the most complex computer that have ever been present on earth, however, it is not ideal at all. The ways in which the human brain is processing the information about the world sometimes leads to absolutely unexpected conclusions which actually create our own vision of […]Read More

The real implications of living forever

Many of us would like to live longer than the normal lifespan the nature has earmarked for human beings if not forever. Some people are not thus interested in the infinite life, but they definitely would like to preserve their youth for as long as possible. Needless to say, millions of scientists all around the […]Read More

Popular myths about space in which you shouldn’t believe

Each of us has some basic idea about space. Yet, although astronauts are making more and more discoveries about our Universe, there are still many myths about cosmos. There is nothing strange in it since we can’t ourselves experience many things related to space. In this article, we are not going to make any sensational […]Read More

Bipolar disorder – when mood swings become difficult to handle?

If you are a lucky person who have come across the term bipolar disorder only by watching such TV shows and movies as Rookie Blue, Shameless, General Hospital or AP Stylebook, you might not be fully aware of this mental disorder. Yet, if you are interested in psychology and psychiatry or have a feeling that […]Read More

Are fruits and berries healthy?

For a very long time, fruits were supposed to be one of the most essential products in a healthy diet and doctors and nutritionists from all over the world used to recommend fruits to people of all ages. Yet, many new theories about the health benefits of fruits have recently evolved. For example, the advocates […]Read More

Do you really know what artificial intelligence is?

Artificial intelligence or AI is currently one of the most popular term related to computer science. Certainly, everyone has some associations with the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’. Some people might see an image of happy future full of robots helping people in managing a wide range of tasks, while other imagine something dystopian where artificial intelligence […]Read More

Prebiotics vs probiotics – do you know the difference?

Nowadays, leading a healthy lifestyle has become extremely popular. Undeniably, everyone wants to choose the best nutritional products since the condition of our health depends on the food we consume in the first place. Apart from various fashionable diets such as veganism or a gluten-free diet, many people consume products labelled as containing prebiotics or […]Read More